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Generating press coverage doesn't need to be complicated or expensive. Get Press, the blog by PressPoint.io, takes an honest and practical approach to generating press coverage - with a little bit of humor.

Persist don't Pester

Posted by Jordan Jones on 6/26/17 1:30 PM

Sent out a bunch of messages to journalists and didn't get any replies?  What gives? When messaging journalists don’t be surprised if many don’t reply to you first time.  

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Team Meetings | There's No I in Team

Posted by Ryan Garman on 5/25/17 11:36 AM

Completely off topic, but we found this image while doing research for this blog post. As you likely know, we love debunking myths here at PressPoint and we can now add this one to the list!  There is an I in Team afterall.  You just need to know where to look.  We might have also just found the meaning to life, but I guess that should be a different post... 

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Pitch Idea: My Company Just Launched!

Posted by Jamie Lee on 5/2/17 2:23 PM

So congratulations you have just launched your business, you’ve put in hundreds of hours of work, racked up your credit card bills, begged, borrowed and stolen from your friends and family and now you want to tell the world, well I’ve got news for you: nobody else gives a toss. You may think you’re the proverbial “dogs bollocks” but to the rest of the world and especially the journalists you’re just another start-up. 

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Pitch Idea: We Just Raised Money - WooooHoooo!!!

Posted by Jordan Jones on 4/18/17 12:10 PM

So you just raised some money and you’re over the moon!

...well now is a great time to reach out to the press and get some coverage as journalists love writing about fundraises (it’s easy for them)….

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Sex & Press

Posted by Jamie Lee on 4/11/17 8:23 AM

While How to Make Your Subject Lines Interesting might be a more accurate title, Sex & Press screams, "Read Me!"  The point is you need to write punchy and interesting subject lines to get journalists to open your emails.  More Opens = More Press (no opens = no press)

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Developing Relationships with Journalists | The Dating World of PR

Posted by Jordan Jones on 3/29/17 2:55 PM

If you want a journalist to cover your story, first you've got to buy them a drink, take them to dinner, tell them they are beautiful, listen to their needs, their hopes, their dreams. You've got to court them. And maybe, MAYBE you will get lucky.  But even if you are not their cup of tea at the end of the day, if you showed them respect, if you didn't charge in a like a slobbering Jersey Shore moron, then who knows?  Maybe they will introduce you to their hot cousin.  

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Quick Tip: Google Alerts

Posted by Jamie Lee on 3/15/17 3:02 PM

Google Alerts is a tool from Google that "monitors" your keywords and alerts you when a new story is identified. Pretty cool huh? But how can this help you to get YOUR story in the press?

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When should I pitch?

Posted by Jordan Jones on 3/7/17 1:18 PM

Chemistry? Yes, chemistry. If you haven't already started to court your journalists then you are one step behind. Check out a previous post called "Developing relationships with journalists, the dating world of PR."

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Who's Driving this Rig?

Posted by Ryan Garman on 2/23/17 9:36 AM
Don't Sprint - Nominate a Long Term Driver

Every PR person will tell you their relationships are the most important assets they have.  This doesn’t mean every PR person that says they have relationships is good at PR, but you get my point…  PR has the potential to become the most cost effective marketing tactic you can dream of, if you are patient.  This is a marriage, not a one night stand.  That said, it’s more like polygamy, not monogamy.

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How to Find a Copywriter - or Not

Posted by Ryan Garman on 2/8/17 11:10 AM

First you need to decide for yourself if you want to outsource the job of writing the pitches you will send to journalists or if you want to entrust it to someone in your organization...or yourself. It's still considered do-it-yourself PR even if you do hire a freelance-writer to help you out.  

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